Mike Brown Reveals Potent Blogging and Social Media Strategies

How can you use blogging and other social media to build your business? If you’re a self-employed professional, such as a consultant or business coach, that’s a crucial question to answer.

In this 1st SmallBusinessTalent.com podcast episode you’ll hear some interesting, practical answers to this question from our very engaging guest, Mike Brown.

Mike is a former Fortune 500 company vice president of marketing. He’s a well respected marketing and innovation strategy consultant, a prolific blogger, a dynamic speaker, and more. In 2005, Mike founded The Brainzooming™ Group, and has since tested and refined a number of blogging and social media strategies to build his own business and those of his clients.

In this 1st episode of the SmallBusinessTalent.com podcast, Mike Brown reveals some of his most potent strategies for us. Here are a few of the blogging and social media topics covered in this fast-paced interview:

  • how often to post content
  • building your visibility and credibility
  • intellectual property issues
  • targeting the right persona / audience
  • testing and implementing a content creation schedule
  • sharing your personality to better connect with your target audience and differentiate yourself.

I hope you enjoy this 1st podcast episode!

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