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Mastering Ethical Persuasion: Peter McLaughlin on NLP and Sales for Solopreneurs

My guest on the podcast today, Peter McLaughlin, is a salesman at heart. In his 25-year career he’s run the gamut, from serving as Sales and Marketing Director for a Wall Street publisher, to selling to the C-suite in the technology and healthcare sector, to his current role as a business-to-business sales trainer, speaker, coach and consultant.

One of factors that sets Peter apart from other sales experts is his deep knowledge of Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), direct and indirect language patterns and hypnosis. He’s been studying the principles and practice of subconscious influence since his certification as a hypnotherapist almost a decade ago. It was this education and his subsequent work as a hypnotherapy practitioner that led him to combine the skills of two worlds that rarely, if ever, intersect – sales and subconscious persuasion.

In 2013, Peter wrote Becoming the Customer: Empathy, Influence and Closing the Sale, a fascinating book that we’ll be discussing today. In his role as owner of BTC Sales Development Peter leads sales trainings on the theoretical underpinnings and the practical techniques described in his book.

Peter’s unique approach to sales training and coaching helps his clients to master the human-to-human aspect of effective selling. Of course, that’s vital to all of us as self-employed professionals — so don’t miss this interview — scroll down to the Podcast Player and listen now!

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John R. Bell on ‘Do Less Better: The Power of Strategic Sacrifice in a Complex World’

My guest on the podcast today, John Bell, spent 19 years as a self-employed global strategy consultant to some of the world’s most respected corporations. Before launching his consulting practice in 1994, John also served as CEO for a major consumer products company in Canada.

John is a prolific writer. His excellent articles on strategy, leadership, and branding have appeared in various marketing journals and business publications, including Fortune and Forbes.

John’s new book, Do Less Better: The Power of Strategic Sacrifice in a Complex World, has its roots in his early career. At that time, John and a young leadership team faced the daunting task of resurrecting a struggling company with a complex range of products. He and his team took steps that few business leaders do, setting aside their own egos and trimming down the product portfolio. The business that remained grew rapidly because they had fewer distractions and were able to focus on running it far more effectively.

The lessons John learned by facing down this kind of adversity served him well throughout his career as a CEO and then as a solo consultant. The bottom-line? He learned that “smart sacrifice” is the surprising secret to success.

So, are you ready for some no nonsense advice on how to take your business to the next level of achievement and personal fulfillment? If you said yes, then get ready to take some notes – this is a fascinating interview. Scroll down to the Podcast Player below and listen now!

(Rather read than listen? Download the edited transcript.)

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5 Fascinating Ways to Monetize Your Content: An Interview with Paulette Ensign

My guest on the podcast today, Paulette Ensign, had no idea she would sell over a million copies of her 16-page booklet, 110 Ideas for Organizing Your Business Life, (without spending a penny on advertising) when she wrote it in 1991. Paulette has been monetizing her content, and that of her clients, for decades now. In […]

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Patrick McFadden — 7 Rules For Better Small Business Marketing

My guest on the podcast today is Patrick McFadden. For the past five years, Patrick has owned and operated Indispensable Marketing a specialized consulting firm providing marketing advice and solutions to small business owners and solopreneurs like us. In early 2013, Patrick was selected as an American Express OpenForum Marketing Advisor and Small Business Thought Leader. […]

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Mayer on Selling For Introverts: Stay True To Who You Are And Increase Your Sales

Over the years, I’ve observed that many solopreneurs are introverts. On one level, this makes perfect sense because introverts are quite comfortable working solo. As an introvert myself, I thrive on it. At the same time, our success as self-employed professionals is largely dependent on our ability to connect with new prospects and sell our […]

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Generate a Constant Stream of High Quality Referrals — Jim McCraigh Tells You How

Do you want more high quality referrals? Most solo professionals would say yes — with enthusiasm! Today an expert on the topic of referral marketing joins me on the podcast. My guest, Jim McCraigh, has been a business consultant, author, speaker and mentor for more than 27 years now. Jim launched his first business in […]

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Randy Riemersma on How to Drive Sustainable Sales Growth

My guest on the podcast today is Randy Riemersma. Randy and his company, Span the Chasm, have a compelling mission – helping solos and small firms to drive sustainable sales growth. Randy has been a successful entrepreneur for over 10 years now. Before founding his own B2B sales training and consulting firm, he spent 28 years in […]

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Smart Lead Generation – Brian Boys on ‘How To Write A White Paper In One Day’

Many independent professionals are seeking better ways to build credibility and generate targeted leads. One powerful and proven way to approach this is through writing white papers that help prospects to solve compelling problems. My guest on the podcast today, Brian Boys, is an advertising and marketing copywriter who has worked with entrepreneurs and companies […]

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Solo Entrepreneur Success: Harness the Power of ‘Lean Planning’ with Tim Berry

Tim Berry is a world-class expert on business planning. It’s an honor to have him join me on the podcast today. What do others think about Tim and his work? Well, Pamela Slim, author of the best-selling business book, Escape From Cubicle Nation, calls Tim “the Obi-wan Kenobe of business planning” and quotes him extensively as her […]

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Phil Gerbyshak on Social Media Strategies That Win More Clients

Phil Gerbyshak is my guest on the podcast today. Phil is a well-known social media consultant, author and speaker. First, a little background on Phil. He spent his early career in financial services sales. Later, he worked as a financial planner until his passion for technology led him to teach others in his firm how […]

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