Solo Professionals: Acquire Your Ideal Clients

Many talented solo professionals find it challenging to acquire their ideal clients.
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Creative Marketing Ideas for Solo Professionals: An Interview with Donnie Bryant, Jr.

My guest on the podcast today is a well-respected direct response copywriter and B2B marketing consultant. Donnie Bryant helps small business owners and solo professionals like us to connect with and convert “should-be clients” to clients — with unusually effective marketing messages and systems.

Since launching his copywriting and marketing consulting firm in 2007, Donnie has been hired by a variety of high-profile clients, including Early to Rise and Experian. In addition, he has helped a wide range of solo entrepreneurs in the business-to-business space to grow their sales through creative and cost-effective marketing strategies.

Here are a few of the topics that Donnie and I cover in this content-rich episode:

  • Developing a simple marketing strategy that generates consistent leads and sales results
  • Creative and cost-effective marketing ideas that solo professionals can use to differentiate themselves
  • An approach to creating mutually beneficial relationships with “top influencers” in your target market
  • How to use free workshops and networking events with referral partners to gather high quality leads

The bottom-line is simple. If you want to discover creative ways to get to “yes” with your ideal prospects, then you’ll find the information that Donnie shares in this interview valuable!

Scroll down to the Podcast Player below and have a listen now! Special Bonus >> Here’s a link to the edited transcript for this episode. (Subscribe by email below and get access to every podcast episode in written form.)

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Tap the Power of Social Selling with Craig Jamieson and The Small Business Guide to Social CRM

Are you trying to integrate social sales tools like LinkedIn into your sales process? A Social Customer Relationship Management (Social CRM) solution can help you do it. But deciding which Social CRM solution is the best fit for your needs can be confusing.

This is an important sales and marketing decision that many solo entrepreneurs and small business owners are wrestling with right now. That’s why I invited Craig Jamieson, author of The Small Business’ Guide to Social CRM, to share his expertise on the podcast today.

Craig has been self-employed since 2005. As the owner of Adaptive Business Services, he provides training and consulting to businesses on how to leverage social sales tools, techniques, strategies, and Social CRM solutions to increase sales.

By the way, Craig has decades of business-to-business sales experience. Prior to starting his own small business, he held a number of sales leadership positions, including division sales manager and national sales manager.  Craig has also taught salesmanship at the university level.

Craig is empowered to blog for IBM on the topic of social business. He also writes a monthly column on social sales at Neal Schaffer’s popular site:

Craig and I cover a number of valuable topics in the course of this interview, including:

  • The differences between traditional CRM and Social CRM solutions from a B2B sales and marketing perspective
  • Why using social sales tools (LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.) without a Social CRM solution is inefficient for solo entrepreneurs
  • How to combine the right social selling tools and Social CRM solution to save time and increase your sales results

Are you ready to tap the power of social selling and build relationships that accelerate your business? If your answer is yes, then Craig is here to help you today. Scroll down to the Podcast Player and listen now!

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Powerful Marketing Insights For Professional Service Providers: An Interview with Vin Messina

Many solo professional service providers feel stuck. They know that they need an effective sales and marketing plan, but they just don’t have the expertise or time to create it themselves. Fortunately, my guest on the podcast is Vincent Messina of Otimo Sales and Marketing. His mission is helping professional service providers to achieve their goals […]

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Take the Scary Out of Selling Your Services: Smart Sales Tips From Hugh Liddle

You’re a hardworking solo professional and you deliver your services with excellence. But deep down you know that you could be helping more clients, making a bigger difference and earning more income. The main problem? You’re not comfortable with prospecting and selling, so you avoid it. If selling makes you anxious, then I have some […]

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Kelley Keller on How to Protect Your Intellectual Property (and Avoid Expensive Lawsuits)

As self-employed professionals, all of us own and use intellectual property in a variety of different forms. Intellectual property laws and their impact on our business is an important topic. That’s why I asked Kelley Keller to join me on the podcast today. Kelley is a seasoned intellectual property law attorney.* Before founding The Keller […]

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How Smart Entrepreneurs Win Customers For Life: An Interview with Dr. Richard Ruff

Winning customers for life is the Holy Grail for most of us. But it’s not so easy to do – and that’s why I invited world-class B2B sales expert, Dr. Richard Ruff, to join me on the podcast today. Over the past 25 years, Richard’s work has varied in scope from delivering business-to-business sales training […]

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Get Clients Now! >> An Interview with Bestselling Author and Marketing Maven, C.J. Hayden

My guest on the podcast today is C.J. Hayden. C.J. is the bestselling author of Get Clients Now!: A 28-Day Marketing Program for Professionals, Consultants, and Coaches and The One-Person Marketing Plan Workbook. For more than 20 years, C.J. has helped solo professionals like us to get clients, get strategic, and get things done. C.J. takes […]

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Steve Harper on The Ripple Effect: Maximizing The Power of Relationships For Your Life and Business

Steve Harper is the author of The Ripple Effect: Maximizing The Power of Relationships For Your Life and Business. I’m fortunate to have Steve join me on the podcast today to share his practical wisdom on building productive business relationships. Steve has been an entrepreneur for over 20 years. Having owned two successful companies, he […]

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Discover Your “Core Fit” and Target Market Advantage: The Steve Woodruff Interview

Most independent professionals would love nothing better than to build a business around their core strengths. That’s why I asked an expert on this subject to join me on the podcast today for an in-depth interview. My guest is Steve Woodruff. Steve specializes in helping solo professionals and business owners to discover their “core fit” […]

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Small Business Inspiration: Anthony Iannarino on Purpose, Productivity and Contribution

Do you want to multiply the positive impact of your efforts in business and life? Well, you can and it won’t require any gimmicks. International speaker, author and entrepreneur, Anthony Iannarino, returns to the podcast today. He’s here to help you become the highly productive person you’ve always wanted to be. Anthony has certainly earned […]

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